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An Error Occurred While Scanning Or Importing Kofax

Adjust the path for the image folder to be your Ascent\Images directory. The following list of index fields must exist in the Kofax document class or the batch class. Get 1:1 Help Now Advertise Here Enjoyed your answer? The files are imported. have a peek at this web-site

However, loose pages cannot be added to a folder (although you may have loose pages at the root level of your batch, they must be placed into a document before they This error reflects a status returned by the scanner. Index Storage tab Opens the Index Storage Tab (see Section D.4.2, "Index Storage Tab"). Primary file Format type of the new native file check-ins. http://forums.kofax.com/viewtopic.php?p=11353&sid=fd9889fe6f3ba8772dce9d93435721e4

Numeric only Select to replace a word with the original bitmap region if a word is found that contains only numeric characters. For scan operations, check the KScan ScanSourceCap and ScanSizeCap properties and set ScanSource and ScanSize accordingly. For example, cs (without forward slashes). When you select TIFF, JPG or PCX, the first graphic in each batch is checked into Content Server.

You can accept the default Adobe Acrobat Capture workflow or select a different workflow. Configuring Kofax Capture Export Connector for use with Kofax Capture (and optionally, with Acrobat Capture). Element Description Workgroup Hub Select the location of your Adobe Acrobat Capture workgroup hub by using the Browse button. Element Description Batch class The name of this batch class.

Figure D-1 Mapped Index Fields for ScannedDocs Document Class D. ScannedDocsParam This document class includes "core" index fields that are mapped to Content Server standard required check-in parameters, plus additional "example" Note: The workflow setting on this dialog refers to a Content Server workflow, not an Adobe Acrobat Capture workflow. Document information More support for: FileNet Capture Capture Professional Software version: 5.1 Operating system(s): Windows Reference #: 1329966 Modified date: 2009-10-27 Site availability Site assistance Contact and feedback Need support? See Section D.5.1, "Configuring Adobe Acrobat Capture." D.5.2.3 Setting Up the Image Files Release Directory In the setup for Content Server for Kofax Capture: Set the Image Files Release directory on

This list of ImageControls error codes includes troubleshooting tips for many of them. From the StellentRel directory, select StellentRel.inf, and click Open. You attempted to access a master form that does not exist. Check the KScan ScanContrastCap property and set ScanContrast accordingly. 20056 KGERRBADPAPERSRC KGERR_BADPAPERSRC Invalid paper source.

The form types (SimpleForm and SimpleFormParameters) are provided for the Content Server document classes because at least one form type must be defined for a document class. http://www.ineed.us/weblibrary/kofax/errorcodes.htm For more information, see Section D.2.3.2, "Instructions for a New Installation." D.2.3 Installing Kofax Capture Export Connector This section includes step-by-step instructions for installing Kofax Capture Export Connector. A batch class contains one or more document classes, which in turn contain one or more form types. To set PDF error options: Navigate to the Server tab on the Content Server Release Setup dialog.

For print operations, check the SourceCap and OrientationCap properties and set Source and Orientation accordingly. 20079 KGERRBADSRCLONGSCANCOMBO KGERR_BADSRCLONGSCANCOMBO Invalid paper source/long scan combination. Check This Out Click Done. This section covers the following topics: Section D.1.2.1, "Compatibility with Oracle WebCenter Content" Section D.1.2.2, "Compatibility with Kofax Capture" Section D.1.2.3, "Compatibility with Adobe Acrobat Capture" D.1.2.1 Compatibility with Oracle WebCenter You do not have a KF-920 or KF­940 installed to print with KView.

For Scan operations, check the ScanDestinationCap property and set ScanDestination accordingly. A dialog opens, specifying that registration is complete. The Scanned Files Directory dialog opens. Source Only those words with a confidence level greater than or equal to your threshold will be returned as correct.

Enable structure Select to provide invisible tags for structural elements to use for searching and document navigation with PDF viewers. User has minimal access. Error Number Visual Basic Symbolic Constant Visual C++ Symbolic Constant Error Description and Troubleshooting Tips 20000 KGERRASSERTIONFAILED KGERR_ASSERTIONFAILED Assertion failed.

Refer to your scanner manufacturer's documentation and set the KImgp PSEndorseText property accordingly. 20098 KGERRELECTRICALERROR KGERR_ELECTRICALERROR Peripheral electrical malfunction.

To delete PDF files with errors from the release directory, clear the Keep primary and alternate files in the release directory when the check in fails option. YesNoNeed to test N/A Did this content help you? For scan operations, make sure the KScan PSPage property is not greater than PSPageCount. Reboot the computer and check to see if scanning is working.

The same set of fields and settings will be shared across all the form types defined for the document class. This section covers the following topics: Section D.3.3.1, "Setting Up Mappings for Required Parameters" Section D.3.3.2, "Setting Up Mappings for Optional Parameters" Section D.3.3.3, "Setting Up Date and Time Parameters" Section You will enter these names during the new installation procedure. http://dukesoftwaresolutions.com/an-error/an-error-occurred-communicating-with-the-scanning-device.html Set up an index field for the date field (for example, Release Date).

You attempted to define a source rectangle beyond the dimensions of the image.