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An Internal Error Occurred Accessing The Primary Key Object

Table 16. OVS-06020: service restricted Cause: The selected service is restricted from the user. Table 20. this issue seems to be documented by EclipseLink (Exception 59). Source

XJ049 Conflicting create attributes specified. This state prevents the database from being updated. X0X60 A cursor with name '' already exists. Restart the Admin. https://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/t/279854/

This could have been caused by an error when accessing the appropriate file to do the verification process. Internal Exception: java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: ProductID Descriptor: RelationalDescriptor(com.lgc.dsl.model.Products --> [DatabaseTable(Products)]) Report message to a moderator Re: Composite Key Configuration using Dynamic Eclipse Link API [message #787077 is a reply to Cause: The operation you requested can be performed only if you enter a value for "". Action: Enter a value, and then click on OK. DBA1130 The value for "" must The suggested corrective action is to recreate the index.

OVS-06016: bad service agent OR: str Cause: Attempted to access an invalid service agent object. X0Y32 '' already exists in ''. OVS-07012: Exiting due to invalid command line arguments Cause: The blob librarian cannot function due to an errant command line argument. Cause: The unknown system object appears in the tree only if orphaned instances that are not recognized as belonging to any existing system are found.

Can I travel inside the US with a digital copy of my passport and visa? Class 04: Database authentication SQLSTATE Message Text 04501 Database connection refused. X0Y59 Attempt to add or enable constraint(s) on table '' failed because the table contains row(s) that violate the following check constraint(s): . http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24560085/overwritten-field-when-persisting-with-jpa XJ067 SQL text pointer is null.

Cause: There are currently no entries found in this database directory. Action: No action is required. DBA1111 The database alias "" already exists for another database. XCY02 The requested property change is not supported ''=''. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up JPA OneToOne - An internal error occurred accessing the primary key object up vote 0 down vote favorite I'm trying to model The changes will not take effect until the instance is stopped on the server.

This may have one of two causes: either you specified a hash join strategy when hash join is not allowed (no optimizable equijoin) or you are attempting to join two external Go Here XCL26 Parameter is not an output parameter. The application is terminated. Action: Contact IBM Service. DBA0010E An internal error occurred. Cause: An internal error occurred. Action: Restart the Admin.

A Scheduler InfoBase call was unsuccessful. http://dukesoftwaresolutions.com/an-internal/an-internal-error-536837662-occurred-in-object-11.html Not the answer you're looking for? Command script was not executed. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator. DBA2030E You did not specify a system name.

The object already exists in the cache. Server, and then retry the command. XIE08 There is no column named: . have a peek here if not, then what is missing/wrong here? ------------ Exception [EclipseLink-0] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.3.2.v20111125-r10461): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.DescriptorException Exception Description: An internal error occurred accessing the primary key object [202].

See next exception for details. Prev Top Next Copyright © 1997 Oracle Corporation. The connection has been terminated. 58017 The DDM parameter value 0x is not supported.

XJ030 Cannot set AUTOCOMMIT ON when in a nested connection.

The application is terminated. Action: Contact IBM Service. DBA0013W The maximum number of objects that can be listed was reached. I wrote a book and am getting offers for to publish. XJ080 USING execute statement passed parameters rather than . Cause: Each table space container must be unique. Action: Change the file name or directory of the container in either the user or catalog tablespace. DBA1149 There is not enough free

XIE09 The total number of columns in the row is: . It must be a BOOLEAN expression. 42X23 Cursor is not updatable. 42X25 The '' function is not allowed on the '<1>' type. 42X26 The class '' for column '' does XBM0I Directory cannot be removed. http://dukesoftwaresolutions.com/an-internal/an-internal-error-1627652097-occurred-in-object-1.html System names must be unique within the control center, and are case-sensitive.

XBM0P Service provider is read-only. Select the "Disconnect" action in the pop-up menu of the databases from which you want to disconnect. This problem may also be related to memory allocation on the client. XBM0H Directory cannot be created.

One possible error is when the time specified for a job to be run once is in the past. It can only be registered as an integer type. XCL24 Parameter appears to be an output parameter, but it has not been so designated by registerOutParameter(). XBCX6 Cannot change boot password to a non-string serializable type.

In this case, you cannot remove the database until you close its ALTER table window. Action: Close all the windows using the object you selected, or close all the windows using Cause: The specified exception containers have no common container. Cause: No error information can be displayed. Action: See the administration tools log for error information. DBA0018E The Administration Server is not started. XJ011 Cannot pass null for savepoint name.