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This is general advice, with a few other tidbits thrown in. Files Images Videos Wiki Forums Chat nexusnetwork Browse files Categories New today New recently Latest files Top files Tag search Files of the month Files without tags Add a file Manage In the unusual situation where the opinions of an individual are important enough to discuss, it is preferable to let other people write about them. (Personal essays on topics relating to Although there are debates about the encyclopedic merits of several classes of entries, consensus is that the following are good examples of what Wikipedia is not. Check This Out

Certain scientific extrapolations are considered to be encyclopedic, such as chemical elements documented by IUPAC before isolation in the laboratory, provided that scientists have made significant non-trivial predictions of their properties. Encyclopedia articles are about a person, or a group, a concept, a place, a thing, an event, etc. Public domain or other source material such as entire books or source code, original historical documents, letters, laws, proclamations, and other source material that are only useful when presented with their Anyways, there is a lot of misinformation among the less knowledgeable members of the modding community, and consequently there is a lot of people recklessly installing & uninstalling mods from there

Now is the perfect time! This only applies to mods that use a .esp/.esm plugin(s). Probably some issue with your account, contact support and they look into it.

Thank you! Similarly, articles about words formed on a predictable numeric system (such as "septenquinquagintillion") are not encyclopedic unless they are defined on good authority, or genuinely in use. In addition, bear in mind that talk pages exist for the purpose of discussing how to improve articles. in Wikipedia jargon, see Wikipedia:Glossary.


xPhenomen 5pts @BritoBruno @dorn2 they removed Limits in this expansion so you can play as much as you want without hitting weekly cap.

BritoBruno 5pts @xPhenomen @BritoBruno @dorn2 Finally.

IndigoSalma 5pts After all Travel guides. Don't miss out on exclusive armor and membership offers! Attempting to ensure that articles and images will be acceptable to all readers, or will adhere to general social or religious norms, is incompatible with the purposes of an encyclopedia.

See WP:VGSCOPE. For example, news reporting about celebrities and sports figures can be very frequent and cover a lot of trivia, but using all these sources would lead to over-detailed articles that look The reality is that Skyrim's engine simply cannot handle the increase load and remain stable for long-term and reliable play. Likewise, disambiguation pages (such as John Smith) are not intended to be complete listings of every person in the world named John Smith—just the notable ones.

I hope you've all had a nice September. Work with whomever you like, but do not organize a faction that disrupts (or aims to disrupt) Wikipedia's fundamental decision-making process, which is based on building a consensus. Don't miss out on this huge update to Rubi-Ka!Anarchy Online·:.· :. .· .Front·:.· : .· .18.7 - A New Beginning·:.· : .· .Anarchy Online (AO) is a science fiction themed massive Individual scheduled or expected future events should be included only if the event is notable and almost certain to take place.

While news coverage can be useful source material for encyclopedic topics, most newsworthy events do not qualify for inclusion. his comment is here Photographs or media files with no accompanying text. There are always users willing to mediate and arbitrate disputes between others. that's impossible.

However, remember that the standards for encyclopedic articles apply to such pages just like any other. Almost everything on this page made it here because somebody managed to come up with some new bad idea that had not previously been anticipated. (See WP:BEANS—it is in fact strongly Reply With Quote Apr 12th, 2013,01:03:48 #17 Ekarona View Profile View Forum Posts The gimp! http://dukesoftwaresolutions.com/anarchy-online/clicksaver-anarchy-online.html Characters can only have a quest from one class temple active at a time but as soon as it has been completed, a new one can be started either in the

Do not follow an overly strict interpretation of the letter of policies without consideration for their principles. Instead only try to realize the truth... However, there is an important distinction between what can be done, and what should be done, which is covered in the Encyclopedic content section below.

If you have completed primary research on a topic, your results should be published in other venues, such as peer-reviewed journals, other printed forms, open research, or respected online publications.

Exercise caution, and always be prepared to revert to a save made before the mod was ever installed.Optimizers:Programs that optimize textures can cause crashes if used in conjunction with certain mods.[FALSE]Optimizing Timely news subjects not suitable for Wikipedia may be suitable for our sister project Wikinews. Ekaslave 220/low Female Solitus Trader, FLAT(TM) pricing TS, almost all can do! Wikipedia articles should not be: Summary-only descriptions of works.

Encyclopedic content Policy shortcut: WP:NOTEVERYTHING Information should not be included in this encyclopedia solely because it is true or useful. Writing about "oak trees in North Carolina" or "blue trucks", however, would likely constitute a POV fork or original research, and would certainly not result in an encyclopedic article. Forum FAQ Calendar Forum Actions Mark Forums Read Quick Links View Site Leaders Dev Tracker Advanced Search Forum Funcom forums 18.6 Update Forum Error - Character Merge In Progress If this navigate here Nationwide opinion polling for the United States presidential election, 2012) consider placing them in tables to enhance readability; where large quantities are not appropriate (e.g.

For the du…forums.anarchy-online.comAnarchy Online2015年9月8日 · MMOGames.com journeys the landscape of online gaming with a nostalgic look at Anarchy Online!MMO Catalog Tour - Funcom: Nostalgia in Anarchy Online - MMOGames.comWe're struck by Some organizations' rules or traditions forbid display of certain information about them online. An article about a video game should summarize the main actions the player does in the game. Macro hates me WhyCantWe "Belp" BeFriends Hate "Belph" Shade "Belph0" Mk2 Care "Calming" Bear Originally Posted by Ashford I think your cute <3 Reply With Quote Jan 22nd, 2013,12:15:38 #9 Direktiivi

But it is not a fix-all solution. Even when an individual is notable, not all events they are involved in are. It is engaged in making students safe for ideas. For more information regarding plot summaries, see Wikipedia:Manual of Style (writing about fiction) §Plot summaries.

Some mods, by their very nature, will be more likely to have these errors than others. For Wikipedia's notability guidelines, see Wikipedia:Notability. "WP:!" redirects here. Reply With Quote Jan 22nd, 2013,03:44:07 #6 Psikie View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage Supa Leet Mind taking a look at mine? ~Anyone can level, but only the wise gain Information about relevant single entries with encyclopedic information should be added as sourced prose.

Wikipedia articles are not: Lists or repositories of loosely associated topics such as (but not limited to) quotations, aphorisms, or persons (real or fictional). For full details please visit the official Anarchy Online forums.The Anarchy Online Account Merge service is now available again! - Anarchy Online Bulletin Board The Anarchy Online Account Merge service is Please see WP:UPNOT for examples of what may not be included. Is it still ongoing?

Mods made before the Creation Kit released were made with TES5Snip, which at the time saved plugins with out of order sub-records and truncated data. You may not host your own website, blog, wiki, or cloud at Wikipedia. An article should not include product pricing or availability information unless there is an independent source and a justified reason for the mention.