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The blitzer can then go there, look for the item and just pick it up from the ground. Only problem at all i encountered is that i posted above, unable to patch succesfully ( alltho i didnt get those mentioned above info messages every time - those during patch Sliders tab: Added a Reset Sliders Now button that undoes the slider settings, for those of you that may find the persisting sliders non-optional feature annoying. Issues include: Hitting on [Request Missions] doesn't update the mission information in the ClickSaver window. http://dukesoftwaresolutions.com/anarchy-online/clicksaver-anarchy-online.html

The item can be matched either as reward or item-to-find. will match the item only if its QL is 200. Apparently it's fixed by starting ClickSaver from its folder rather than from a shortcut. # AO crash in connection.dll under Windows XP Some users have reported this problem. Test.cdb or All.cdb without icons), ClickSaver uses the mission interface space that was reserved to display icons, to show the remaining mission elements wider. If any error happens in the process, it's logged in cs-err.log along with a link to the creation troubleshooting page The dll required to read the AO Resource Database during LDB http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?518908-Unable-to-get-the-info-object-from-the-resource-database-error

Anarchy Online Item Database

After finishing it i set up gfx settings and logged onto 1 of my toons,, or at least i wanted too,, The client crashed and i got an error message: ANARCHY permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]pingandpong 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago(1 child)Playing fullscreen on the beta engine causes problems like this that are avoided if you use windowed mode. If starting CS before AO, AO hangs after entering the password. Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.1 - 5 Dec 2006 No changes, just removed the 'beta' version tag after the mandatory test period. # Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.1 beta4 - 14 Nov 2006

The option was only marginally useful, and gone the option gone the bug so... You just switch to your email program for instance, and when you're done with it switch back to AO. Select tab "advanced/performance/settings". Clicksaver Anarchy Online If you want check the integrity of windows by running sfc /scannow in and administrator prompt.

What's New? Anarchy Online Db Quest Issues with Windows 7 64 - 7 Aug 2012 You may want to try this fix if you're having such issues. # Notes to ClickSaver 3.1.0 - 31 Jul 2012 Adapted While I was working on it, I also added a few enhancements to fit my own rolling needs: Ignore manual rolls: The missions from manual rolls are intentionally not logged. Get More Information In addition, if Options/Sounds is enabled and the file retry.wav is in the ClickSaver directory, it will play it to announce this event.

Jess O.E.T. Best thing (which I haven't done yet) I've heard is to uninstall, re download and reinstall. In case you're new to it, ClickSaver is a tool for rolling missions automatically in Anarchy Online, according to search criteria provided by the user. After Clicksaver has finished creating the database the animated picture below is what you can expect to see: The animation shows all the different tabs along with my recommended

Anarchy Online Db Quest

Windguaerd AOU Community Legend Posts: 2731Location: Florida Top by Uragon » Thu Aug 24, 2006 10:43 am Someone from Funcom is poking the forums:Greetings The forums are currently down for https://aoitems.com/item/157532/demotivational-speech-administrative-err/ I got a newsflash for you: That is not going to happen.You simply have to go travel to which ever location the game sends you to. Anarchy Online Item Database Only Traders have access to the Trader shop terminals! Ultima Online Database The time now is 13:45:18.

So pls help meh ty in advance insane [edit] My new comp specifications, in case some1 encountered same or similar problems on same setup: gigabite geforce 8600 gt, asus p5k-e, core2duo his comment is here Otherwise he won't be able to enter and will be very annoyed, especially if he has paid a price for the rolling. Hitting OK on the alert box often erased the selected mission icon, and sometimes even other icons, which smelled very badly of bug. Furthermore you can specify how many missions that Clicksaver should try to pull before giving up. Conquer Online Database

Auto-roll until a mission is found in a specific location, or even in a given rectangle within that location. During another patching after yet antoher reinstall, i got a message informing me that i should check if i have full access to one of the files being overwritten - i Also, thanks to the site donators, I'm motivated enough to release at least a couple new ClickSaver versions soon. this contact form Basically what Clicksaver is asking you is this: Where do I find the Anarchy Online executable file called "Anarchy.exe" There are 2 ways to find this information: You most likely have

GET YOUR DOWNLOAD LINK HERE! All.cdb without icons All.cdb with icons The ClickSaver package includes a tiny premade LDB (Tiny.cdb ; Check the New LDB tab image above), so you can start rolling without any additional Your current All.cdb is preserved until a new one is successfully made.

I tried to instal/run ao from literally each volume on each hdd ( 3 hdd / 6 volumes total ), knowing that windows likes to claim the volume he's installed on

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.3 beta1 - 14 Apr 2008 Options tab: A new AO 'Use/operate target' Key setting is available, with 'E' as default value. Even though LDB creation is not encouraged, it is made safe since this version. Will keep an eye open for a fix in patch notes. 18 commentsshareall 18 commentssorted by: besttopnewcontroversialoldrandomq&alive (beta)[–]t0k4 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago(1 child)Same has been happening to me. ClickSaver 3.1.0 supports rolling by ID, so you can also auto-roll premade specific implants, normal (QL1-200) or refined (QL201+).

All rights reserved. This applies only to reward items. will match the item only if its low ID is 106955. This will constantly happen, tried running as admin and still the same error, whenever I go to log into that character and only that character I am unable to connect. navigate here This feature is available as an option in 2.4.0 beta5.

Trade your mission key to the Engineer, let the Engineer enter the mission and let him/her Beacon Warp your team inside the mission room. Fill the blanks below with your data to get the ClickSaver 3.1.0 download link and keep yourself informed of new developments. (* = Required) Make sure to write the right email. As for now im clueless what might been the cause of my problem. Options: This tab controls some of the more "behind the scenes" oriented settings.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.1 beta2 - 5 Oct 2006 New "Sliders" feature: You can set your character level, view what mission QLs you can roll and set the Easy/Hard slider value UPDATE: Forums are back up! If you have downloaded your copy of Clicksaver from this website, then Clicksaver already comes with my recommended settings. It is still unclear what exactly the "Single Item" & "Total Value" input fields are supposed to do and what kind of syntax rules that applies to the input.

If you go there you'll know why :) In the Items and Locations tabs there are four new buttons (Enable This, Disable This, Enable Rest, Disable Rest) to temporarily enable or Items and locations that have been disabled with the Disable This / Disable Rest buttons are not counted as active. Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.0 beta5 - 6 Aug 2006 Fixed: ClickSaver sometimes presented the dialog "The local AO items database is missing or outdated" twice after patching to a new AO Locations: If you wish to search for any given mission that is located in a certain area, then use this tab to insert the area name.

That's it! Ao installed/autopatched/ran w/o any error. Alternatively you can download the settings file and import them under the "Options" tab by pressing the "Import Settings" button. The "Buy Mod" input field represents a sales price modifier where selling in a clan shop will yield the least beneficial modifier and selling in a Trader shop terminal (not related

That is why the "Kill Person" button is OFF. It was fine for a whole day but slowly my characters are being consumed by this bug.