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Ant Error Problem Finding External Stylesheet

I copied the code that deals with the closeButton, which looks somewhat like this: [Code]... Currently I have a class in the application using a Loader instance to load an external bitmap to be added to the stage/canvas. View 1 Replies Professional :: How A Flash Based Website Manages Tasks Mar 4, 2011 I need to run a webservice from a webpage that is based on swf, the webpage It DID check the source-path in Flex 1.5.

If you are using a different version of tar (for example, the one shipping with Solaris), you cannot use it to extract the archive. Alternatively, you can use: Note the double-quotes nested inside the single-quotes. What is Apache Ant? Here's what you probably did: You need to switch off the default exclusions, and it will work: For a complete https://forums.adobe.com/thread/486575

However, when your dependencies break down the higher-level task into several smaller steps, this behaviour becomes counter-intuitive. You want to test that prop1 and prop2 are set, and that prop3 is not. My reports are missing the first line containing the failure message. However, when I try to compile it using ANT, I get the following error: Error: Problem finding external XML: assets/data/help.xml How come ANT isn't finding the XML file?

Why doesn't (X)Emacs/vi/MacOS X's project builder correctly parse the error messages generated by Ant? Change Ant's buildfile and remove test-jar from the depends list of the dist-lite target. or doesn't work in Ant 1.3 on Unix The antRun script in ANT_HOME/bin has DOS Note that most committers work with more recent versions of the JDK and that Ant doesn't get tested much for older versions. The objects added in TaskContainer.addTask(Task task) have changed from Tasks to UnknownElements.

View 1 Replies Web Development - Assets Loaded In Flex / Images Wont Update? So you'll get then test result and the compiled JSPs. Is this because Flex isn't allowing the SWF to reach outside and access other project assets?Here's my code for embedding the SWF:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3037660/can-not-load-external-spreadsheet-in-flex-builder Unfortunately, when I run the application, I am clearly running all of the updated code but the images have no updated.The new SWF was definitely copied up as well as the

Fortunately there is a workaround for this, always specify inputstring="" for any task (or one of its sibblings) if you know the forked process doesn't consume any input. causes All images are defined within an XML file. How do I get at the properties that Ant was running with from inside BuildListener? Simple string joiner in modern C++ Religious supervisor wants to thank god in the acknowledgements Construction of an optimal electron cage Convince people not to share their password with trusted others

Nov 11, 2010 I build a project with Flash Builder. http://support.gradlefx.org/discussions/problems/12-multiproject-build-with-external-linkage-doesnt-find-linked-classes With Ant 1.7.0 we've started to add ant-testutil.jar as part of the distribution and this causes a hard dependency on JUnit - at least in version 1.7.0. It may even be an invalid DTD. The source is: import java.io.*; import java.util.*; import javax.mail.*; import javax.mail.internet.*; import org.apache.tools.ant.*; /** * A simple listener that waits for a build to finish and sends an email * of

Most users who go down this path have no problem figuring out that will help them. In my , I've put in an of all files followed by an of just the files I want, but it isn't giving me any files at all. Normally this works fine with assets exported from the Flash IDE then loaded into another swf also from Flash IDE.This is how I could normally do this using only the Flash How can I contribute to this FAQ?

Do not raise a bug about this issue until you have checked to ensure that the problem is not due to your classpath specification. fails with "Cannot run program "...":CreateProcess remove the class that loads the external library from the CLASSPATH. How can I do something like (double expanding the property)? If your build file contains a fileset like Ant is going to follow the shared_bundle symlink and ends up recursing into all your installed VMs.

Sep 10, 2009 I'm still learning how to compile with the Flex SDK. Properties are expanded twice in my macrodefed tasks. Advanced Issues Is there a DTD that I can use to validate my build files?

Known Problems causes other tasks to hang or leads to strange behaviour of tasks. causes a StackOverflowError Ant 1.7.0 doesn't build from sources without JUnit or

How can I contribute to this FAQ? Ant was there to build Tomcat, nothing else. monitor.properties should be placed right next to your compiled BuildMonitor.class. Apparently it knows the source path otherwise it would not have found the component to begin with.

You can get at a hashtable with all the properties that Ant has been using through the BuildEvent parameter. Some places indicate that it should be part of the flexTasks.jar file. Add this separate archive to the of your