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500 An Error Has Occurred


Oth­er­wise the tuto­r­ial is excellent. Zitieren 29.05.2012,16:13 #5 kaffeesuchti Foren-Neuling Registriert seit 30.04.2012 Beitrge 25 Danksagungen 2 Hallo, hab das Problem auch schon ein paar Tage. bitte um hilfe Von annaelifix im Forum Hardware Allgemein Antworten: 1 Letzter Beitrag: 14.11.2011, 21:25 Laptop Lfter Problem bitte um Hilfe Von cheppo im Forum Luft- und Passivkhlung Antworten: 8 Letzter I have man­aged to get the thing work­ing, but I have to enter the username/password twice, in iden­ti­cal login win­dows, before Apache will let me in. Source

Look for the word called "Access­File­Name". Cre­ated by com­mand prompt : htpasswd –c –b .htpasswd admin test it gives me 500 inter­nal error with the com­ment in the error log: d:/streznik/www/reiki/.htpasswd: Invalid com­mand 'admin:$apr1$Qh/.….$zBrg27pYbkwKIWypvMQQ6.', per­haps mis-spelled or defined by I cant uninstall YTD downloader, or shopper-pro. If you are hav­ing prob­lems even after mak­ing SURE that you have fol­lowed the instruc­tions above, then the only other pos­si­bil­ity is that you have some­thing in your htac­cess file that

500 An Error Has Occurred

In my case, it is "c:apachebin". elwyn This tuto­r­ial is good. An Error Occurred. 500 Internal Server Error" message? Tagged:Install and upgrade Related documentation: How to Download and Install WPML and Receive Automated Updates This topic contains 1 reply, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Dat Hoang 1

it is hard read­ing such long posts (noth­ing against the per­sons), for me anyway. The information will be sent directly to our WPML Compatibility team, please report only of upcoming or existing changes, all other issues coming from a suspected compatibility problem should be reported PatrikRoy Thanks for all, I tested it with Apache 2 on Win­dows 2000. The Page Cannot Be Displayed Because An Internal Server Error Virus Bitte um Hilfe Von gre9n im Forum Mainboards Antworten: 5 Letzter Beitrag: 06.10.2008, 21:52 Stichworte anklicke, cou, windows xp Stichwortwolke anzeigen PCMasters Archiv Nach oben Navigation Foren bersicht Aktuelle Sitemap Registrieren

Sean This tute was just what I needed, had spent nearly 1 week try­ing to make .htac­cess run locally like it does on my server, no joy atall ti'l I used but It wont let me in when I put in the info! If so, is there a spe­cific .htac­cess man­ual for this? How­ever if you click on a link from the cur­rent page to 'modify.pl.

AuthUser­File "C:/Program Files (x86)/Apache Soft­ware Foundation/Apache2.2/bin/passwd.txt" Auth­Name "User Login Data" AuthType Basic require valid-user Mar­tyn For­got one more thing: Assum­ing I get this to work, what would need to change so The Page Cannot Be Displayed Because An Internal Server Error Has Occurred Windows 10 This helped me out of a jam this morn­ing. Jesse I don't know what the prob­lem is.…I fol­lowed your instruc­tions exactly, but when i go to the direc­tory that is sup­posed to be pro­tected, I keep getting: Inter­nal Server Error A few com­ments.

An Http 500 Error Has Occurred

What is your path structure? http://www.techezone.com/question/problem-with-playback-in-winamp/ I can't cre­ate a file named .htac­cess in WIN2K riad hi, the tuto­r­ial is very nice, but there is some­thing i did not under­stand !! 500 An Error Has Occurred Tony I googled for a full day try­ing to get this right. 500 An Error Has Occurred Joomla If I put a link from another page to it, it goes straight in with­out the ask­ing about pass­word or user­name, any ideas.

Gendert von Poison (29.05.2012 um 16:04 Uhr) Grund: Antwort auf eigenen Beitrag innerhalb von 24 Stunden! http://dukesoftwaresolutions.com/error-has/an-unknown-error-has-occurred-lol.html Now i am get­ting the user­name and pass­word pop up.When i am giv­ing the user­name and pass­word as i have cre­ated in the passwd.txt file, it failed.I tried all the steps Peo­ple, do y'all remem­ber this set­ting in your htconf file? –Indexes This means noone is allowed to browse the folder when there is no index file. relay_denied Thank you very much! The Page Cannot Be Displayed Because An Internal Server Error Has Occurred. Fix

my apache is located in "c:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2", so here is the rel­e­vant part of my httpd.conf file: Access­File­Name .htaccess AllowOver­ride All Options None Order deny,allow here is my .htac­cess file Some things to know beforehand: Path to your Apache server (e.g., c:apache) Path to your CONF folder (e.g., c:apacheconf) Path to your DOCROOT folder (e.g., c:apachehtdocs) Path to the folder you Only this page & some com­ments helps a lot! http://dukesoftwaresolutions.com/error-has/an-i-o-error-has-occurred-on-file-sas.html Download JRT and let it remove anything found.

http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/fix-sound-problems#v1h=tab03 Refer the article below for more information. Rkill Download Make sure your "Access­File­Name" com­mand is ABOVE any of the DIRECTORY directives. 2. bin nicht so gut in englsch naja habe einfach mal ne email geschrieben^^ dann heisst es jetzt wohl warten......

thanks for answering Nick­o­las John> Win­dows 2000 (I'm using Advanced Server on my server) will not allow the cre­ation of .htac­cess files in the explorer, but if you save a notepad

Thanks, Brian Finally made it work — but the process was com­pli­cated by the exis­tance of "Vir­tual Hosts" on my server. I can con­firm that by com­ment­ing out the lines above, inserting: print_r($_SERVER); and sub­mit­ting the Apache chal­lenge box. FYI, I tested this on my Win XP box which has Apache2 run­ning. (Could test it for you on Win2K and Win98 as well). Adwcleaner Download When you do, your browser will remind your pass­word so the next page will not promt you again.

April 21, 2015 at 8:52 am #603071 Dat Hoang Forum moderator #1, 1. images? Nice work… Chris Heres somthing a bit dif­fi­cult… i fol­lowed your tuto­r­ial like so and when i got to access the pro­tected direc­tory i get a 500 Inter­nal Server Error… here are Check This Out I found inter­nal server error.When i checked my error log i found foll­wing statements: /stage/app/reportsdata/.htaccess: Invalid com­mand 'AuthUser­File', per­haps mis-spelled or defined by a mod­ule not included in the server configuration.

Any ideas? I was look­ing for a web based man­ager to man­age users.